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Our Mission

MASA Global's mission is to provide industry-leading medical transportation solutions for our members, both during life and after life, and to provide peace of mind for our members as they Prepare for costly financial bills that may follow life’s biggest emergencies.
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MASA Global was founded in 1974 as Medical Air Services Association (MASA). We evolved to MASA Global, a dba, to reflect the company’s undisputed leadership in providing complete and affordable medical transportation solutions. With over 2,000,000 active members worldwide, 17 international locations, and serving the major U.S. metropolitan areas, MASA Global continues to grow exponentially.

Our products provide two distinct advantages that are without rival in the industry: Our plans include the most comprehensive fixed-wing-aircraft, helicopter and ground ambulance transportation solutions for consumers who are at home, at work or traveling the world and complete protection from the financial catastrophes that unexpected medical transportation costs will cause.


MASA MTS is our national business division dedicated to providing lifesaving emergency transportation solutions to those who live in the USA. MASA MTS offers various Plans such as the MASA Platinum Plan and the MASA Emergent Plan, an offering to domestic employees or group members through employers or group organizations.
MASA Assist is our international business division with 17 offices located throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico, and Central America. MASA Assist offers the MASA Basic Plan, MASA USA Direct Plan and MASA Hospital Direct Plan to those who live outside of the US and seek medical facilities equipped to handle their specific emergency medical need.
MASA Transport and Relocation Solutions is our business division that offers the Transportation & Relocation Protection Plan (TRPP) to the pre-need funeral industry. TRPP coverage is guaranteed through MASA of Florida, a pre-need, limited health service organization plan regulated under Chapter 636 of the Florida insurance laws.


With a MASA Plan you gain complete peace of mind. MASA Global and its business divisions will always bring you and your family back home …at NO COST…from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! If you need major medical services that are not provided locally, you can count on MASA Global to transport you to the nearest appropriate medical facility capable of attending your specific medical needs. Plus, a MASA Plan can help you avoid financial catastrophe from emergency medical transport bills after even the best insurance companies have paid their part!


  • Medical transportation costs increase the further you are away from emergency care. The most common claim submitted to MASA MTS is for ground ambulance service within a 20 mile radius of their residence.
  • The average costs of a helicopter transport is over $20,000 and may run as high as $100,000. Every year, over a half million Americans are flown by helicopter to receive emergency care.
  • Fixed wing transports are routinely conducted as non-emergent transfers and therefore require pre-approval with either prepayment or a guarantee of payment. Medicare will NOT pre-approve payments for flights that can easily reach $50,000 for domestic flights as much as $200,000 or more for international flights.

Medicare and private insurance may not pre-approve payments for flights.

It’s not what we have to say, it’s what others say about us...

MASA Global adds VALUE to our offering."ClubCorp has had the pleasure of working with MASA for the past six years and throughout that time has been very pleased with the overall service and more specifically the Member interaction. MASA has created added value for our overall Member Benefit offerings and the MASA team has been diligent in pursuing creative ways to bring value to our clients value proposition."

R. Kazmierski - ClubCorp

Our members thank us for offering MASA."The Air Force Association is proud to be partners with MASA Global. MASA Plan provide our members the confidence and peace of mind knowing that they will be completely taken care of in an emergency medical situation. We have received feedback from members thanking us for introducing them to MASA and for providing the extensive discounts from the public pricing. They've detailed how MASA took care of more than $25,000 of medical transportation costs. Thank you MASA Global for taking care of our members! "

S. Rubel - Air Force Association