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We provide medical emergency transportation solutions and peace of mind by eliminating the financial burden that follows unexpected health emergencies. We understand people are financially vulnerable in the event emergency transportation is needed, even if they have health insurance. MASA Global transports thousands of members across the world annually, AT NO COST!

The most common claim submitted to MASA Global is for ground ambulance service within a 20-mile radius of the member’s residence. In 2014, MASA Global paid millions in air ambulance costs. Because of this demand and continued changes in the health insurance industry, we have established three business divisions to best serve our members:

MASA MTS is our national business division dedicated to providing lifesaving emergency transportation solutions to those who live in the USA. MASA MTS offers various membership programs such as the MASA Platinum Membership and the MASA Emergent Membership, an offering to domestic employees or group members through employers or group organizations.

MASA Assist is our international business division with 14 offices located throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico, and Central America. MASA Assist offers the MASA Basic Membership, MASA USA Direct Membership and MASA Hospital Direct Membership to those who live outside of the US and seek medical facilities equipped to handle their specific emergency medical need.

MASA Transport and Relocation Solutions is our business division that offers the Transportation & Relocation Protection Plan (TRPP) to the funeral industry. The TRPP Plan provides transportation coverage for consumers when they are more than 75 miles from their home, or they have relocated/moved from their legal residence. Because consumers today are traveling and relocating more, TRPP was designed to meet the pre-need industry’s demand for portability or their prepaid service coverage. To provide the consumer with the protection and assurances that only an insurance product can offer, MASA Global created “MASA of Florida, Inc.”, as a prepaid limited health service organization plan that is regulated under Florida law pursuant to Chapter 636 of the Florida Statutes.

Medical Air Services Association was founded in 1974 as a Health Maintenance Organization. In 1985, after the company’s fleet of fixed-wing jet aircraft had been used by the UCLA Medical Center to transport donor organs, we recognized the need for an air ambulance service. 40 years and one million members later, MASA continues to work hard every day to honor and serve the best membership agreement in the industry – because that’s our agreement with our members.